Recession? Yes. Housing Crash? No.

With over 90% of Americans now under a shelter-in-place order, many experts are warning that the American economy is heading toward a recession, if it’s not in one already. What does that mean to the residential real estate market? What is a recession?  According to the National Bureau of Economic Research: “A recession is a significant […]

Grey vs Greige

Many homeowners ask us about the colors that can help draw buyers’ attention and make a home more attractive. The answer is a resounding Greige!  Greige paint colors are the best option because they make a space appear relaxing and sophisticated, they are timeless, and appeal to the masses.  Let’s talk about grays versus greige:   Grays […]

Thank you for an amazing 2019!

We would love to thank our clients who helped us have an amazing 2019. Some clients we worked with for over 2.5 years before finding the perfect home! Some transactions were smooth, and some were a roller coaster. We feel honored to have helped each client along the way! 

10 Home Chores To Do Annually

Sing me some graces, there is such a thing as over-cleaning! Here are ten chores around the home that you really only need to do annually, minus special circumstances. Let’s dive in! 1. Curtains & Drapes  Unfortunately, we don’t mean the dusting part. You’ll want to dust at least once a month, but when it […]


We are all thankful for the many drawers and cabinets in kitchens today, but they make it easy for us to hide our clutter instead of getting rid of it. If you have reached the point where you can no longer open a door in your kitchen without having something fall out, it is time […]

Remodel or Move

After living in a home for several years, it can be easy to discover things you may not be crazy about. While some things can be a quick fix, there may be major changes that make you wonder if it is worth the investment. At this point, you’re probably asking yourself if you should remodel […]