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Checklist for Selling Your House This Spring [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM

Some Highlights


      • As you get ready to sell your house there are specific things you can add to your to do list. 

      • These include decluttering, taking down personal photos and items, and power washing outdoor surfaces.

      • We are always available to help you make a personal plan to get the most for your property in the least amount of time.

    Caren Mulcunry

    Caren Mulcunry

    As a resident of several MetroWest communities over the past 22 years, I bring a knowledge of the area and an enthusiasm for all things home related! Fixing your existing home? Need decorating advice? Looking for cool stuff to do in your community? Looking to buy or sell real estate? I would be honored to help you with any and all of those questions!